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Hello, my name is Mary Segato and I live in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. I started playing guitar at 12 years old, and have been musically influenced by many artists from the 1970’s and 80’s. I attempted songwriting at age 16, and really enjoyed playing in these formative years. Although music was a passion, I left it for many years to pursue my life with a move to Vancouver. During my absence from music, I studied business, and then became a busy full-time mother of 2 children. Throughout these years, as my creative outlet, I enjoyed writing poetry.

Recently since 2010, I came back to my love of music inadvertently through my children, and began to write songs. There is nothing like life experience to fuel the fire of inspiration. I recorded my first c.d. in June of 2010 called “Love wins the race”. As I continued to write, I began to enter songwriting competitions as a way to get feedback on my music. I received 6 award placements with the International Song of the Year contest, and also had an “Honorary” mention in the Eastcoast music conference song contest. I have also placed as a semifinalist in “Show me the music” songwriting competition out of Nashville, and semi-finalist in both the ISC and the UK songwriting contests.

Throughout my attempts to get my music in circulation, I was fortunate to connect with Scrote at Bundini Music in LA. I have recorded my latest set of songs with Scrote as my producer in July 2012. I am very pleased to share this new c.d. titled “Heart Strings”. I have been continuing to produce new songs over the past year which you can hear via my website


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