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Born in Paris 1974.
Learned Harmonica at age 17. “Out on the week-end” from N. Young is the first song he ever played on in public.
Early influences range from Bob Dylan and Neil Young to Violent Femmes, The Clash, early Bowie (Changes!), Otis Redding and some french songwriters (Nino Ferrer, Gainsbourg, Leo Ferré…).
Before that, some minor forrays into Hiphop (DeLaSoul mostly) at age 15. Oh, and a shamefull affliction by Phil Collins at age 12 (gasp), but luckily nothing terminal. Before that, classical piano, nursery rhymes and Apache by the Shadows.

At 18 drops out of school after 3 months art university and moves to Prague, CZ, where he quickly melts in the street music scene.
At 20 learns mandolin and starts composing own songs in english.
At 22 learns acoustic guitar and moves to Sweden.
At 23 works on a 3-masted schooner in the Canaries. Gets real calluses.
At 24 joins a gypsy swing band in the Baleares. Learns a few jazz chords.
At 28 moves to east-Berlin, Germany. Learns a bit more about Rock´n´Roll (like, “who are the Stooges?”)and Country and Blues (Lightning Hopkins, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle…). Also forms Two Dollar Bash with old Prague street-comrades Tony Rose, Joe Armstrong and Mark Mulholland, all three hailing from Glasgow.
On september 12, 2003: writes a song about a certain famous folk singer laying on his deathbed somewhere in the US, while sitting at his kitchen table in Berlin. The song is called “Man In Black”.
Matt DeHarp still works and lives in Berlin.


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