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Singer-songwriter Matt Reno’s March 2014 release, “The Point of No Return” is the result of a couple of years on the move in Europe, writing, recording and gigging, and a sense of transience and restlessness permeate the album. The stripped down emotional honesty of great bluesmen like Mississippi John Hurt and Robert Johnson have been an influence, as has the dark country wit of Townes Van Zandt and Hank Williams

Matt’s songs themselves are a blend of personal experience and stories of adventure and escape, their narratives drawing oblique connections between images of the exterior world and the psychological terrain of the minds of the sometimes hopeful, sometimes desperate protagonists. ‘On Board the Aurora’ has a genuine historical basis and concerns the treacherous realities of the migration route from Europe to America in the late 1700’s… and it weren’t no pleasure cruise! The closing track, Warning Light, was inspired by the heart-warming/breaking book and film “Into the Wild’.

At home both in the studio and on the stage, Matt’s live shows have a genuine intensity, with the songs often reworked on an open-tuned acoustic guitar and harmonica, sometimes with backing tracks or looping, at other times embellished by guest musicians on percussion, banjo or mandolin. A regular full band line-up remains a potent ambition, but in the meantime, UK and European shows are planned (the weirder the venue the better) with one eye, as ever, on the horizon. On top of that, work on material for the next album is taking shape nicely and should see the light of day later in the year…


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