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“Can the world stand one more storytelling troubadour? If he artist in question is Cary, the answer is a resounding yes.” – Billboard Magazine

Critically-acclaimed artist Meghan Cary serves up award-winning original tunes with incredible vocal power and stage presence. Think Melissa Etheridge singing Bruce Springsteen songs to a Paul Simon Groove. Cary earned Billboard Magazine’s esteemed Critic’s Choice Award when she first hit the scene, and now the title track of her latest album, SING LOUDER, has found its way to #2 on the US/International Folk DJ Chart, with the entire album coming in at #6.

Cary’s raw honesty and ability to connect with her audience through high-energy tunes, masterful storytelling, and deeply personal lyrics has made her one of the industry’s most sought after female singer-songwriters. Her message of unity and the power of raising our voices together infuses every show, and Cary’s “Sing Louder” has become an anthem for the music-loving community.

Cary didn’t mean to be a musician. But when her fiance unexpectedly died, she picked up his guitar, figured out how to play it, and wrote her debut, earning her the Billboard nod. “I wrote my grief into music and sang my way out of the abyss. I keep making music to help others connect with their own stories and find joy in their lives.”

After pushing pause on performing to raise two children, Cary launched back onto the scene at Philly Folk Fest, and was awarded a coveted Emerging Artist Showcase at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. Cary’s smoky voice, emotional singing, and vulnerable writing continue to win over audiences, and garner favorable comparisons to Melissa Etheridge, Natalie Merchant, and Carly Simon.


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