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Port Townsend







Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar

Genre: Soft Rock/Folk

This musical journey has been one of the greatest surprises in my life thus far. I grew up on an island in the Pacific Northwest and was exposed to many genres of music. My mother had an immense appreciation for classical composers. To round out the 10-person household, (mom, dad, two sisters, and five older brothers) folk music and rock and roll were a constant throughout my childhood.

I was probably 5 or 6 when I held my first guitar. I mastered playing ‘Drunken Sailor’ and was quite proud of myself. I never seriously played a guitar again until 40 years had passed. Balancing family and work prompted me to find a place wherein I could lose myself for a few brief moments every day. Music has truly, “Saved my soul” and I give thanks every day for the pleasure it brings into my life. Today, I can hardly imagine life without my Taylor Guitar.

During the summer of 2014, I set out to record my first CD. At this time, I have just completed, House of Music. Every step of the recording process has brought new insight and great satisfaction. I have always loved to write, and composing lyrics has been a natural segue into the musical realm. At this time, I have 10+ new songs that are ready for the production process. When time and funds permit, I will begin recording again. In the meantime, I’ve learned how to create a website, and I’m working up the courage to launch a Facebook page. If you can find me at Lis Nagy, you’ll know I’ve succeeded.

Composing and playing music has been personal for me from the very beginning. Music has provided joy and refuge throughout every stage of my life, and I have decided to share my songs with others in hopes that they may bring some connection that is meaningful. It gives me great pleasure to share my songs with you.



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