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Music I think that would be the word that describes me best. Music has always been around me and it has always been within me. I started out on piano at a young age. Really wanted to play the drums, but my parents just knew piano would be the better choice in the long run. Im still glad that I had to learn how to play the piano. After a few years of learning the piano I bought my first drumset (with the help of grandma) and started taking lessons.

Every now and then we had some small family concerts as my brother played the sax and my sister piano. My drumset was too loud so I always sat in a separate room 😉 But it was always great fun and I will always be thankful for those days. Im certainly blessed with a great family to say the least. Family is what keeps me going. My mother always tells me about my grandfather (mothers side). From what she tells me I know he was a great musician playing lots of different instruments. I certainly know who gave me my talent. I think my biggest wish ever would be meeting him. Yeah its a dream, but having dreams keeps us strong. Someday Ill meet him, someday…

I’ve never really been the kind of the guy to get in the spotlight. Always been somewhere near the background playing drums in several bands and groups, but Ive never hated it in anyway. After my main band broke up I started writing songs again. I was able to tell stories the way I wanted. And I love it. But even in a solo project I’m not alone. I have this great group of friends helping me out. Shawn always gives me great ideas and is just fun talking to. For photos I turn to Youri. Hes just great with a camera. A lot of my own songs feature vocals by Geertje. She has this great voice I just love. Geertje is also the singer of my band 2nd Avenue.

So nowadays I make music in a variety of ways. My own solo-project, songs with various vocalists (check out for more) and of course my band 2nd Avenue ( Music is the way I live and the way I die.


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