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Michael Marks, has always had hopes of sharing his original music with other artists and bringing it to market. Having been a performer, producer and song writer since his teenage years in Brooklyn, New York in the 60’s, the time is right to transform from a successful Texas businessman and Congressional Award Winner, (President of a multi-million dollar corporation that he conceived and founded), to a Producer and Promoter in the music industry of South Florida.

Having worked with such notables as Terry Howard,( Producer for Ray Charles), and Eric Bourdon (from the Animals and War), Michael brings his skill for business and his talent in music together to produce only top quality projects.

Scanning the local clubs and attending the area’s festivals for years, he has always listened with great attention and admired with great respect the extreme abundance of talent that is available and just waiting to be heard.

His songs are all based on real life experiences and he tries to touch your heart and soul, and occasionally make you grin. He firmly believes that creating music is a gift from God, and people who do this provide a great service for all of mankind. As is the case with our teachers, policemen, firemen and military folks, the vast majority of our nation’s musicians are underpaid and not appreciated, but yet they show up and entertain us for the sheer love of their trade and the joy of watching how they effect people with their music.

Michael Marks firmly believes that music is a large part of our society, and without it, we would not be human. Music has healing power, learning power, and most of all; music is an integral part of all of our lives. We listen to the radio on the way to work in our cars, we go out to clubs to dance and listen to music, we listen to music on elevators and on the radio at work, we enjoy music while surfing the internet, we celebrate most of our holidays with music, we have music as an integral part of our worship at Church or Temple, and an endless array of other places and occasions.

Michael Marks is intent on providing music that delivers the kind of emotional experience that will have you not only interested, but relating to the story and how a similar feeling had once been, or continues to be in your own life.


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