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A singer since she was very young, Morrigan first performed on stage at the age of 8, and wrote her first song on her parents’ piano when she was 11 years old. She continued to perform in musicals and choirs, and sang at a number of public events, including the national anthem at sports games and her high school graduation. After completing bachelor’s degree in English Writing at James Madison University, Morrigan put out her first demo CD in 1998. Playing open mikes and meeting other musicians, she seemed to be on the right track, but with a lack of mentors and opportunities, she was unable to build any momentum. After several years of getting nowhere, Morrigan dropped out of the music business altogether.

Morrigan then slipped into an abyss of self-destructive behavior for almost three years. However, the compromising situations steadily increased in number and frequency, and her bitterness only grew worse. Beaten down and exhausted, Morrigan once again turned to music to cope with her depression. In 2002, Morrigan released her first full-length album: Unbearably Sweet, a collection of haunting and personal songs about her ordeal. Not long after, an alternative rock band, Waking State, was at that time in need of a new singer. Morrigan was hired, and the band’s powerful live performances made them the new buzz of the DC music scene. However, circumstances prevented the band from being able to tour and promote, and Waking State performed their last live show in October of 2006.

Discouraged and once more in need of some time away from the entertainment business, Morrigan threw herself into her only love besides music – animals. She trained for six months as a veterinary assistant at a busy animal hospital, and a few months later, transferred to a small clinic, planning for a career in the veterinary field. The time away from music gave Morrigan some much-needed stability, and she soon started going back to open mikes and booking gigs, joining the legion of solo acoustic performers at bars throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia.

However, a performing career was not meant to be. After two years straight of playing three and four hour gigs two or three times a week, her body was starting to buckle under the strain. She had worsening carpal tunnel and arthritis in her left arm and shoulder, and was forced to stop playing guitar completely for days, or sometimes weeks, at a time; four hour gigs were now out of the question. Morrigan finally decided, fourteen years after the release of her first demo CD back in 1998, that it was time to set down her musical career aspirations for good. Her interest in animals and veterinary experience induced her to apply to the University of Maryland, where she was accepted as an animal sciences major and began her studies in the Fall of 2010.

While working towards a career in the biological sciences, Morrigan still keeps music in her life, carving out slivers of time between semesters to write and produce new songs, perform in local musicals and plays, and even play the occasional gig. Her next album, Angustia, is due for release in Fall, 2013.


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