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Celia Rose began her music career as a singer/songwriter from Alabama. Since then, she has performed throughout Africa, Haiti, Europe and the U.S., empowering women, inspiring youth and collaborating with top local artists wherever she’s been.

After completing her first album in 2000, Celia moved to Haiti where she introduced American folk and country style songs to the jazz/funk and kompa music scene of Port-au-Prince. Working with a local band called Wesli Band (now well-known in Montreal), Celia’s name was known throughout the country as she performed regularly on radio and TV and alongside top Haitian artists.

She moved to Paris, France in 2002, where her band, Wrapped in Rain, completed a full length album, Butterfly, performed at top Parisian venues and was discovered by a talent scout and sent on multiple tours as U.S. Cultural Ambassadors to Africa.
Moving to New York City in 2007, Celia went on to complete her third album, Stories, as well as her first music video, Little. While in New York, she taught songwriting for Harlem Children’s Zone, completed a master’s degree in music composition from NYU and composed music for the Dormia book series, Little Flower Yoga and dozens of other organizations.

In 2011, Celia moved back to Port-au-Prince, Haiti where she taught English through songs to students at J/P HRO’s School of Hope and performed regularly with local artists. American actor Sean Penn was quoted as calling her performance “sensational” and Celia was invited to sing the U.S. and Haitian National Anthems for the Marine Ball, which took place at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence.

Celia recently moved to Calgary where she has been working with local and international artists on some exciting new projects. She co-wrote two tracks with Australian artist, Sophie Serafino for her latest album, Touch. Celia worked as music director for the Every Woman Foundation and put out a compilation album for them in 2014. She just completed her 4th album of original work, entitled Zig Zag. Celia also has two original songs coming out in the new young adult book, Nightfall, with Penguin/Random House in September of this year. Her songs will included in the audio book version as well.


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