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Neil Watson is a Scottish singer/songwriter. Hailing from the small village of Pathhead, Midlothian, the 28 year old’s love for music started at an early age whilst listening to his parent’s record collection, instantly falling in love with the music of Bruce Springsteen and Cat Stevens – who remain influences to this day.

In a short space of time, Neil has been turning people on to his music with his powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics being described by US recording artist Daniel Glenn Timms as “an exceptional singer with songs that are real…”. His performances in and around Edinburgh did not go unnoticed by local music promoters and have led to him securing many headlining slots alongside the main support slots for artists such as Chris Helme (formerly of the Seahorses) and Martin Metcalfe (formerly of Goodbye Mr McKenzie).

Having played in numerous bands since his early teens he grew disillusioned with music. That was until late one night, while struggling to get to sleep, he encountered the music of Ray LaMontagne on the radio. The beautiful simplicity of the music coupled with the power and sincerity of the words struck a chord. Shortly after this, a collection of songs were written and demoed with the help of friend and sound engineer Andrew Howden (formerly of The Debuts).

These songs would eventually be packaged as a make-shift debut EP, ‘Candlelit Wood’, and were quickly made available to download for free from his website. In addition to the title track it features the songs ‘Questions’, a live version of ‘Recompense’ and the crowd pleasing ‘Alone’ – described as “a song of extra-denominational love pulling apart other relationships. Romeo and Juliet, basically.”

Entering the studio with Andrew Howden, again armed with some new songs and a drummer, Stewart Lange, they set to work on this next project. Recorded and mixed over a weekend in September, ‘Arran’, became Neil’s debut album and due to the quickness in which it was finished, solidified the nickname of “one take Jake” that he has been given by Howden . Again, this was self-released and made available via his website on 30 October 2009.

The promotion of ‘Arran’ saw Neil reunite with his friend Stewart Lange for live shows and the duo soon became a trio with Mick Walsh joining on bass guitar. The quartet became complete and named ‘Neil Watson & The Turnbulls’ when Matt Currie joined on keys. As Neil is currently working on a new batch of songs, he and ‘The Turnbulls’ decided to play their final show together on 27 March 2010 in Neil’s home county of Midlothian, with Neil continuing to play live by himself.


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