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It may be rude to stop and stare, but Nenna Yvonne leaves you no choice. At age 22, the Nigerian-born/New York-raised pop princess already has the talent, pedigree, looks and desire to reign over the charts indefinitely. Her latest single, “Go Around”—a sultry, electro-pop rave-dance record—boasts hundreds of thousands of spins and remixes on the internet as well as a featured club song on the hit TV show, ‘The Mentalist’. Three minutes of succulent ear candy, it’s not only the product of a diverse musical upbringing, but a harbinger of more cutting-edge crowd pleasers to come.

“Blue Magic is a character of dream and hope built from the possibilities of effort and faith” explains Nenna Yvonne. Often times the comparisons are made to that of the nature resembling Madonna, Grace Jones, Kylie Minogue and Janet Jackson.

“I think it’s hereditary,” Yvonne laughs about her ambition. “I was pushing for this since I was a little girl. I’m stubborn in a sense, and I’m not the kind of person that’s going to look back and regret that I didn’t try something.”

The risk paid off all right. While enrolled at LaGuardia, Yvonne earned the distinct honor of performing with classmates in a Carnegie Hall recital. “There’s people that work their whole life to get that opportunity—violinists, cellists, opera singers,” she marvels. “At age 16, to sing there with a bunch of your friends… it’s almost mind-blowing.”

Although the precocious Yvonne studied classical, chamber music, sight-singing, gospel and jazz, she was quick to embrace modern songwriting sensibilities. At 17 she began experimenting with diary entries that would shape her as a lyricist, and then cleverly finagled her finances into purchasing her own studio equipment.

Nenna has been featured in numerous leading music industry publications including Billboard Magazine and SESAC’s magazine. There has been numerous coverage on the internet about Nenna’s music and career on sites like Global Grind, Hulu , Music Choice, IMDB and as well as countless pop blog sites! Nenna has also performed in many shows on some of the most prominent stages at venues including Paramount Studios, The House of Blues, Exchange LA, and The Palm Las Vegas among others.

Nenna’s National and International Booking Agent is Glen Parrish of Irving Azoff’s company Azoff, Geary, Paul, Smith Management (AGPS Management).


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