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With their debut album “What A Scene”, Long Story Short wants to leave their mark on the map. They are currently at the #1 spot on Alternative Addiction’s Unsigned Artists Top10 for the fourth month running. The album offers an addicting blend of alternative rock fused with hooky pop influences and lyrics that hit you straight in the heart.

The group is headed by Dan Luka on vocals and guitar and backed up by Nicky James on piano and guitar. Produced by platinum-certified record producer John Nathaniel, Long Story Short just performed at Canadian Music Fest in Toronto, Ontario on March 12th where they won second place in the Canadian Radiostar National Songwriting competition.

When writing for the album the band members stayed true to their goal of only putting songs on the album that had a personal meaning to them. “If you write a song and it does nothing for you emotionally, how can you expect it to do anything for the listener?”, explains Dan, “we really took our time to write these songs. We didn’t want to just combine chords and words, we want the listener to feel each song on the record as well as on stage.”, adds Nicky James. Indeed, having ended up with upwards of 30 songs during the writing sessions for “What A Scene”, the group had to make some tough decisions on which songs were going to make the final cut. The album features 10 songs and kicks off with the cynical rock anthem “Fall Awake”, which criticizes the human tendency of never being satisfied and always wanting more. With lyrics like “Everybody’s lookin’ for perfection/Only setting themselves up for rejection/Livin’ in a world that’s ruled by addiction”. Dan recalls: “It was the last song to be recorded for the album. We wrote it in like an hour and we hadn’t really done a song with that kind of a snappy attitude yet. So it was really fun to record.

The piano ballad and title track “What A Scene” strikes a personal chord with Pianist/Guitarist Nicky James. With lyrics such as “Memories crash in my dreams/Like a siren in my sleep/Oh what a dream.” Nicky says “We chose this as the title track after we took a look at the road Dan and I took to get to where we are. It’s been bumpy and full of heartache and lessons learned.”

When asked about what influenced the sound on the album Nicky says, “Dan, John and I all have very different but very similar tastes. The amalgamation of how we all envisioned this album’s sound made for some awesome combinations. From the Nickelback guitar tones and Muse-influenced vocal harmonies of “The Truth Hurts” to the Switchfoot riffs and The Beatles chord changes in “Fall Awake”. It was like putting all of our favorite sounds in a blender and hearing the results. Even unlikely combinations like the organic mandolins and acoustics blended with the grungy Nirvana-esque chords in “Running From The Sun” make for a truly unique sound. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we’re so pleased with the way this album has turned out. Every song has its own vibe and feel and we absolutely cannot wait for more people to hear our music.”

The album “What A Scene” is now available on iTunes, cdBaby and many other digital music outlets.

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