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When your father drowns at 3 it’ll make you either desperate or thirsty to live right now, knowing that future might simply not come. When at 11 your legs are cut off as a part of ridiculous experimental surgery to attach them later in a different position, pegging you to bed for a year it’ll either make you a disabled or make your spirit soar. When your mother kicks you out of home at 15 as she is willing to sell it you either go off track or learn how to trust yourself. When you drop your successful jazz career to live with a Native American shaman in a desert you either ruin yourself or open your heart… Peruquois personal and musical life is full twists and turns that make John Grisham novel look bleak and its characters paper thin.

Graduated as a jazz vocalist from Western Australia Academy of Performance Arts Peruquois never stopped questioning borders of sound. Neither when she was a jazz starlet nor when she later professionally explored Native American, Indian classical, middle eastern, chill-out music etc. And now when she is forming a new music style mixing inspiring conscious lyrics with contemporary pop-soul groove. Constantly referred for her unmatched voice as vocal goddess, voice of the feminine Peruquois is on a course to redefine the modern music paradigm. With ease and grace she brings depth and authenticity back on stage and to media. In a course of recent tour in Eastern Europe she did hundreds of interviews and performed in huge tv/radio shows witnessed by tens of millions of people. She is the one who is bringing “depth back”.

Peruquois is a composer and lyricist, with 8 CDs in her discography. The most recent CD “The Original Essence” is recorded with 3-time Grammy winner Tom Wasinger.


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