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What is there to say? What’s relevant? I was born in 1949, grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City, went off to Princeton for college, and have played music for a living almost all my adult life (except for 3 years long ago when I was in my early 20’s and early 30’s and I worked in DC on Capitol Hill for a Senator and a Congressman, and some other years when I played music but ‘not for much of a living’ because the gigs were too few). I’ve always loved writing songs, ever since I was about 12. I’ve always thought writing good songs is as hard a challenge as I want to try to succeed at in my life, and wow, the more you work at it, the more you realize how open-endedly tough a challenge it is, like climbing a mountain that keeps on going up and up. There’s so many ways to construct a song, so many topics and points of view. I’m of the opinion that the singer-songwriter model is too dominant right now: not every singer can write as well as they sing, and some great writers aren’t necessarily very good at singing. I sing a bit, but my hope is that my songwriting is better than my singing because I know my singing is not all that great. That is why I’ve asked singers to help record versions of some of my songs. The 2 songs I entered in this Indie competition were sung by a great singer in DC named Pam Bricker who learned and recorded them to help me put together a portfolio of my songs. Pam, I’m sorry to say, is dead, but if you listen to her on these 2 songs you’ll hear how fine a singer she was.
My dream is to figure out how to make money writing songs I believe in. In the meantime, I play Gershwin and Cole Porter on the piano in DC area hotels and restaurants, and I like doing that but I do hope for the dream someday.


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