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A Celtic harpist/singer/songwriter, Phil Holland has performed all over Europe as a soloist.
Her music contains many influences from classical to traditional including jazz and minimalist inspired sounds.
Phil is of Irish and Scottish origin, rooted and educated in Celtic music and western classical music. Phil’s music however transcends category and genre.
Her peaceful, reflective style touches the heart and souls of people of all ages, from all walks of life, all over the world. She has to her credit 5 CDs for Celtic harp, voice and violin; LAGAN in 2004, STORIES in 2005, GOING HOME in 2006, FAERIES in 2008 and SEASCAPES in 2009. Her music takes inspiration from her ethnic roots, but also reflects her eclectic background. Her latest work, Seascapes is a musical meeting of the Greek and Celtic cultures.
In international folk festivals she has performed alongside other musicians of worldwide renown, (for example, Hevia, Alan Stivell, Sharon Shannon).

In 2008 Phil opened one of the most important music festivals in Greece, the Lefkas Speech and Arts Festival, performing for the president of the Greek Republic, Karolos Papoulias. In 2009, she conceived and launched the very first Sappho Festival by performing on the rock from which Sappho jumped to her death 2500 years ago.

Phil studied violin and piano at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and worked professionally as a violinist in London and Italy. She then opened her own violin school, Divertimento Academy developing her own personal and innovative teaching style, writing music specifically for her students and fiddle group.
But ultimately her musical journey has brought her full circle back to the music of her roots and her heart.

” I feel when I play and sing that the harp and voice become as one. They flow together each embracing and respecting the other. If you love what you are doing and invest every single note with care and feeling I believe that you cannot fail to reach out and connect with someone. Years ago I realised that music is about communicating and not about empty displays of virtuosity. I’m strangely uninterested in how many notes can be crammed into the shortest time possible, or the sheer volume of sound that can be forced out of an instrument. I am on the other hand seriously interested in fluidity of musical thought , single harmonious moments and the importance of letting music breathe.” Phil Holland


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