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Pilani Bubu is a South African born singer/ songwriter. Her love affair with music started at the Tender age of 9, where she began singing for school choirs, played in marimba and recorder bands, playing the violin was her longest love affair with the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra and The Stepp Orchestra Pretoria in her High School years.

She has always sought to be with music,her voice being the only instrument she never broke up with, she always found herself singing in 2 – 3 professional music groups at a time. She has sung and toured the world with The Northern Gauteng Youth Choir, The Tuks Camerata and Akustika Chamber Choir. In the last 2 years she has started pursuing a solo career in music, having quit the corporate world for the life she was destined to live – singing and making a difference.

You can listen to her Demo EP: Journey Of A Heart on or on Internet Radio Station Jango. Where she explores the journey of a heart in Love and In Life. She worked with one of South Africas top musicians and producer RJ Benjamin on the entire EP. The song Miss Understood has been playlisted on radio stations in South Africa.

Pilani Bubu, also known as Miss Bubu, can be spotted performing alongside RJ Benjamin in South Africa, at the Loft in Melville, Moyos Melrose, and Zoo Lake. She has also performed in Nigeria, Mozambique and New Orleans, where she has shared the stage with some of New Orleans finest: Grammy Award Winning Trumpeter: Irvin Mayfeild, Julliards Finest: Jonathan Batiste, Kermit Ruffins, Chuck Perkins and other amazing musicians.


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