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Rachel T Maloney is a Los Angeles-based pop/folk singer-songwriter in the style of Mindy Smith and Sara Bareilles. She has a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance from Christopher Newport University in Virginia and an Associate of Arts degree in Keyboard/Recording from Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

Rachel was one of a group of singers selected to back up Barry Manilow at his first ever Hollywood Bowl performance in October 2009. She has also performed with groups at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles and the Broad Stage in Santa Monica. Rachel sang with the Angeles Chorale for several seasons, and was a featured soloist on their Spring 2010 concert. Other credits include vocals for trailer houses including Immediate Music and Two Steps From Hell in large (>40) and small (<5) groups.

Born in New York and raised in Virginia, Rachel began piano lessons when she was 8. She enjoyed the piano, but soon discovered that she would rather write and sing her own songs than practice her assignments.

Rachel entered college knowing that she wanted to be a musician. However, undergraduate studies forced Rachel to put her songwriting on hold in order to focus on the demanding classical curriculum. By the time she graduated in 2004, Rachel Theresa was an accomplished classical vocalist who wrote pop songs she didn't know how to sing.

Pressured by professors to further her classical training at the graduate level, and feeling pressure from within to find an outlet for her songwriting talents, Rachel decided to take a year to consider her next move. Results of an internet search sent Rachel across the country to the Musicians Institute (MI) in Hollywood, one of the premier contemporary music schools in the US.

Rachel graduated from Musicians Institude in 2007. Since then, she's worked in music publishing, learning the industry, while continuing to study under SLS teacher and songwriter Deborah Ellen. In her spare time she sings and arranges for the LA-based a cappella group Voxie. She plans to release an EP in 2012.


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