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Songs and words by RO – my notes are my feelings, my scale life, my music my direction
Voice, Golden Harmonica, guitar not amplified by electrical means – RO, from around the corner
Pawel Panasiuk, the strange one from Poland, makes us go places with his red bass. Talks music. (In the band by accident)
Marek Goral, from Poland, on black drums brings serenity and strong rhythms to the band. He rather play at Sundays and drinks coffee to fall asleep. He is also a good train adviser

just songs, no plans, no maps – sick of silence and blankness – One time you live one time you die. Every moment is a moment and nothing is done till is done. It’s not a matter of believing or be believed but of feeling and being, basically EXPRESS YOURSELF – That others hidden fears, prayed limitations and acceptance may never be your accepted barriers. Even though your tears make fortunes, your smiles are urged to be shot down, your mistakes the excuse for your crucifixion and your gold most likely to be stolen being negative and mean it is entirely up to you, standing I choose not to – What s coming? We only know when the future becomes present, but the roads we choose we ll lead us to different outcomes. Some people can never return as they have never left, some can never return as they fall in with mistakes, experiences, dreams and trains. Sometimes we stumble, fall and cry, sometimes we get pushed and kick, sometimes we just walk as the stop is not in use, sometimes we do stop, get stuck and scream, sometimes we run and laugh. It is never too late to jump on your train. Take your giant hat for what you want to keep and the true hopes that you might find along the way before someone does it first. It is impossible to control the weather but we can put our sunglasses on, keep one eye open or two as our worst enemy and best friend might be fighting for power in our own bed, our own head; supply the mind, let the music blow away the fear from our eyes, our unpractical dreams lead the way and say goodbye to the feasible ones. – On too much certainty I guess I rather pick up new sounds along the way than projections, individual extensions and communities excesses. – my FIGHTS are for life, in my instincts I trust


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