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Born in Great Falls, Montana. Both parents taught music privately in the home. Studied piano starting at age 4 and guitar starting at age 8. At age 10 began to study the drums. Randy began playing music professionally (mostly rock and some country) with local groups at age 13. After graduating from the Crane School of Music in Potsdam, New York with a bachelor’s degree in Musical Studies, Randy worked at Lake Placid at the Lake Placid Club Resort as one of the staff musicians. In 1985, Randy relocated to Trenton NJ. Randy played in the house rhythm section at IshKabibble’s night club in Long Branch, NJ with such soloists as Cecil Payne, Charles Davis, Benny Powell, Tom Harrel, Bill Hardman and Junior Cook.

Moved to the Philadelphia area in 1989. Randy has been a member of The Bill Hollis Quartet, the Barry Sames Jazz Ensemble, and the late pianist Eddie Green’s group (Randy was featured on Eddie’s last CD, “Shades of Green”.) Presently Randy is a member of the Tyrone Brown String Ensemble and is a featured soloist on their latest two CD releases “The Magic Within” and “Moon of the Falling Leaves”, both on the Dreambox Media label.

Randy’s current personal project attempts to create a whole new genre of music he calls Balanced American Music, which is also the name of his newly created record label. Randy and his wife, Marianne work together on this project. It is their intent to represent the diversity of culture in America and in their lives, drawing from the many forms of music and spirituality in which they participate.

“Jazz used to be the music of the bad side of town, but increasingly, it’s a genre for spiritual matters.” -Karl Stark, Philadelphia Inquirer 07/01/07


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