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Digging into the musical influences of singer/keyboardist/songwriter Rich Aveo, one finds a unique and special musical essence.

Having scored some success with his former band with their 2011 release, Novae:One, produced by multi-platinum producer Anthony J. Resta (Elton John, Collective Soul, Duran Duran, Perry Ferrell Blondie, Megadeth, etc.) Aveo was no stranger to taking the reigns on his big dreams. But when the band split in 2013, Aveo took a hiatus. Re-emerging in 2015, he decided to ‘fly solo’ for this project…in every sense of the word.

His newest four song EP, “Weightless” features Aveo’s multi-faceted abilities. All the lyrics, music, instrumentation, production, and even artwork were done by Aveo. “I had been going through some personal difficulties during the time when the band broke up, and it turned me upside down. I didn’t know what to believe in, let alone myself. So I took some time off from writing. I felt selfish believing in me, oddly. So it was important to me to take this project on alone. To prove to myself that I was strong enough to let go of what had a hold on me.” He did, however, reach out to his good friend, and former Novae bandmate/cowriter, Mark Scandariato for a featured guitar solo on his title track “Weightless”. “It was symbolic to have Markie on the record. Especially on this track. He really tied it all together for me.”

The EP is an amalgamation of classic – and modern – musical and songwriting elements. Revealing songs about personal breakthroughs, vulnerability, and love are captured powerfully in Aveo’s own NJ-based recording studio. Honing-in on his influences of soul, rock, and pop, Aveo seems to find his own unique and infectious sound. “Really, I just wrote these songs for me. I didn’t set the goal of writing for radio, or in search of that next ‘hit’. No labels or particular genre here…I don’t care about that right now. I just wanted to write again. Whatever came from within at the moment and spoke to me. It was a wonderful gift to feel again.”


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