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“It’s like Radiohead, U2, and Bob Dylan all got together for breakfast, decided to adopt a baby boy, called it Enation, and then left it to fend for itself.”

Enation: An Overview of Their Experience So Far

Enation is fast becoming known as one of the best independent anthemic rock bands around, combining the expanse and creativity of U2 and Radiohead with the wit and soul lyrically of songwriters in the spirit of Dylan and Cash. Enation has grown in the six years since forming in 2002, taking the pure passion they have always possessed and combining it with the maturity to know that a whisper can also be as loud as a shout.

Fronted by Jonathan Jackson, whose lyrics and voice can range from desperately calling out to whoever will listen, to a soothing reality of ultimate identity, Enation has headlined shows at the world famous Whisky A-Go-Go and The Troubadour (among many other renowned clubs), and has built an international fan base selling thousands of albums at home and abroad — with their most recent collaborative EP “Feel This” being prominently featured on the 5th season finale of the hit CW TV show “One Tree Hill” (performed by Bethany Joy Galeotti featuring Enation) with the response being immediate: the song got on the national map when it went #16 on the I-Tunes Rock Charts, and the EP debuted #1 on the CD Baby Top Sellers list (one of the largest independent music outlets in the world.) The TV episode itself also hit the #1 spot on I-tunes — all of this bringing a host of new fans and great reviews in for the band. Enation has had several other songs used in TV & Films, most notably the song “Ride” from “Stephen King’s Riding The Bullet”, which got the song featured on

Enation’s anthemic rock and lyrically driven folk music continues to inspire and captivate those who hear it, and if the beginning of their tale is any indication, we are still only on Chapter One.


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