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Pennan Brae is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver, BC. His third album ‘Early Rise’ was released in July 2011 and features the lead singles, ‘On The Highway’, ‘Lonely Heart Beat’ & ‘Need A Woman So Bad’. ‘Early Rise’ follows Pennan’s first 2 releases, ‘Amber Glow’ & ‘Shaded Joy’. Both of these albums received airplay on AAA, A/C & College Radio in the US, Canada & Australia.

In 2011, Pennan has completed 3 music videos shot in various locations in North America. The most recent was for ‘On The Highway’ & shot in Las Vegas & Los Angeles & directed by Spool.

In 2010, along with performing in Vancouver, Pennan shot additional videos. ‘Need You Now’ was completed in September 2010 in Japan & directed by Mogcat. Another piece, ‘Have You Ever Been’ was shot in July 2010. Directed by Douglas DeBoer of Visual Alchemy, it was shot in Kauai & highlights the beauty of Hawaii. It features talented local model & actress Stephanie Perius.

Pennan released his video for ‘Goin’ Down’ in March 2010 which featured successful actress Raquel Riskin (Supernatural, Stargate Universe) & was directed by the wonderful Thomas Smith of Spool Productions. Also this month, Pennan Brae was featured in the Vancouver Province newspaper in their ‘Province Playlist’ section.

Pennan is among 20 artists featured on M:M Music’s ‘Meeting Volume 12’ CD (11-09). His single ‘Need You Now’ is featured alongside music by Norah Jones, Foo Fighters & Joss Stone. ‘A Taste Of Triple A’ is also featuring the single on their Volume 58 CD Sampler (12-09). Pennan’s singles, including ‘Something’s Missing’, ‘Blind Love’ & ‘If I Lose You’ have been featured in 2010 on their Volume 60-63 Samplers (07-10).

‘Amber Glow’ follows ‘Shaded Joy’ (01-09), Pennan Brae’s 1st release. ‘Anyways’, the lead single, received airplay on 65 Radio Stations in the U.S., totaling over 950 spins. In 07-09, it charted at Number 9 on FMQB’s Top 40 AC Chart. Follow-up tracks on ‘Shaded Joy’ are ‘Something’s Missing’ & ‘Pathways’. ‘Shaded Joy’ garnered airplay on College Radio, being added to playlists on 70 stations across Canada & the U.S. It also received airplay in Australia, New Zealand, Japan & Europe.


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