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From the time he was very young, Bob was interested in music and composition. He remembers riding in his father’s car and questioning the musical parts of the songs playing on the radio, but his interest in music was just beginning. He began to analyze his favorite songs. He was self-taught on the guitar and began writing songs at a young age. He played guitar and bass in various bands, but yearned to do more than play cover tunes.

He found the hardships of the working class person to be inspiring and began to write more seriously. He was chosen as one of the songwriters for the Steel Festival Songwriter’s Group as part of the Bethlehem Steel Festival, in Bethlehem, PA. Guest artist Bob Franke led the festival residency to turn stories of steel-making and related activities into song. Bob Hrichak wrote “Man of Steel” from his personal experience at Bethlehem Steel and with his co-workers in mind. It appears on the Days of Steel (Songs From An Empty Steel Mill) CD. Bob also wrote “The Strike of 1941” because of it’s historical significance. The end of the strike marked the beginning of the United Steelworkers of America for the steel workers.

Bob began writing about every imaginable subject and discovered that writing songs about universal topics such as love, political agendas, soul mates and twin flames* came naturally to him. Bob plays guitar and bass, but he also likes to write using a piano.

Bob writes honest lyrics and says that writing is a privilege and good for the soul. He gets personal development and/or healing from writing and, as all artists, enjoys when others can identify with his songs. On his official website you will find song samples and lyrics to some of Bob’s Steel Festival songs. You’ll also find lyrics to some of his latest songs that he is currently recording demos for.

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