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Born and raised in Helena, Montana, Sarah Martensen was brought up in the comfortable familiarity of small town life. It was there where her passion for music first formed. She was often the lead in choir and local musicals and her love for the stage never diminished. Though rural community life and it’s charms and values were a big part of Sarah’s personality, she was developing a growing curiosity of what was beyond the confines of Helena. With a need to see life on a grander scale, Sarah literally tucked herself in to a crowded moving truck with her father and uncle and headed for San Diego, California where she would spend her influential teenage years.

As a young adult Sarah then traveled to Europe and the United Kingdom and spent a great deal of time in the Bahamas, Mexico and Canada. This wide-ranging first person view of the world gave Sarah a unique perspective on life. Though her early years afforded her experience in music, it had been some time since Sarah had seen the stage or been a part of a creative musical process. A growing need to reconnect with this aspect of her personality propelled her into writing a selection of lyrics and melodies.

While in the Niagara region of Canada during the Summer of 2006, Sarah met with the experienced and talented songwriter Rick Rose, who has had numerous commercial releases and was a staff writer for Sony ATV in Nashville for many years. She brought him her ideas in hopes of forming them into complete songs. Rick then called in Michael Saracino, a gifted and multi-talented young producer and songwriter. Together the three of them put together a solid three-song demo and recorded it within a few weeks that Fall. The result rekindled Sarah’s passion for music and gave her a determination to pursue it further.

Now back in Southern California for the Winter, Sarah was playing her music for whomever she could, taking compliments and criticisms in stride and quickly realizing that a lot of people seemed to believe she had something. She then penned a number of lyrics taken from her life experience and returned to Niagara Falls in the Spring of 2007 to record a full length album release.

She collaborated once again with Rick Rose who took the role of executive producer and co-writer. Rick and Sarah discussed the scope of the release and decided to go with a full production package including an album, music video, website and photo shoots. They again turned to Michael Saracino to assist Sarah with the writing process and to produce and engineer the release. Rick discussed the project with another local young talent, Ethan Rising, who took on many roles including music video director and mastering engineer. The role of photography and artwork was given to Grace Jolicquer whose artistic vision in combination with technical ability was integral to the project. Dave Rotella and his company DANIMA was enlisted to develop a first-rate web site.

With all elements in place, Rick, Sarah and Mike began production of the album at the Niagara Institute of Music & Arts in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Sarah would bring the lyrics and concepts for the songs and Mike and Rick would sit with acoustic guitars and help develop them into what would become releases. The Summer was spent in the “Winding Path Media” studio, owned by Mike Saracino and Ethan Rising. During this time the tracks were built from chord progressions and lyrics on paper into a fusion of productions in rock, pop, blues, dance and even elements of reggae and country which surely stems from Sarah’s eclectic life. The culminating album is titled Love Storm and is scheduled for release early 2008.

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