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I have been writing songs since 2001. Back in the winter of 1998 I taught myself how to play drums, but then by the summer of 1999 I wanted to be a guitar player so I taught myself guitar. Then by the summer of 2001, I wanted to be a singer, so I taught myself how to sing. I still want to be all of the above.

I spent the next few years layering tracks on my own, demoing songs for myself and friends on a borrowed 8 track, then ended up buying a cheapie of my own to do the same up until the summer of 2004, when I finally decided it was time to perform.

For the next few months I did the solo acoustic thing until I wasn’t ready to crap my pants on stage and realized that it was actually something I loved to do. My buddy Eric caught a gig in early ’05 and offered up his talent as a drummer, and I’ve been performing with him ever since. His drumming finesse brings an intensity that recording drum samples in a home studio just cannot compete with. And me and that mofo go way back.

By late 2005 I scrounged up enough change to purchase myself a modest little home recording studio, and I admit that I am addicted. I tend to rotate songs on my myspace page, mostly new, but some songs are from past years that I thought were worthy of some re-vamping. They basically chronicle whatever scattered thoughts, feelings, or imagined situations I have had since I entered young adulthood, and this process will undoubtedly continue into old age.

When it comes to writing songs, I am inspired by countless artists and bands, however I never approach my guitar knowing what sounds will come out of it. I am inspired by energy, and anyone that provokes it within me. There’s a certain feeling in the moments when you strum chords and find the right words to fit that can’t be explained fully, except comfort. Sometimes it’s easier than talking. My greatest accomplishment would be to have everyone from every walk of life, of every genre of music, connect in some way to my music.


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