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Sebastian Albu is a Denver based guitarist and composer. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2001 and has since performed with many groups and toured extensively as a leader and sideman. He currently performs around Colorado with his latest project, Golan in support of the most recent release, “Silhouette.”
Golan is an up-and-coming quartet comprised of some of Denver’s finest musicians. Recently, the group performed in Dazzle’s Jazz Clash Competition, which featured some of Denver’s most talented groups. Amidst stiff competition, Golan was voted the winner. Currently Sebastian is completing the music for his next album, “Elegy,” set to be released in March 2009.
Albu’s music is a rich union of heart-wrenchingly beautiful melodies and an ever-changing kaleidoscope of vivid harmonies. Using a wide range of sounds and instrumentation as a canvas, Albu is able to paint a living and breathing tableau that takes on a slightly different shape during each performance. Albu captures a vast array of emotions and passionately transforms them into a sonic landscape that keeps the listener glued to their seat and leaves them yearning to hear more. With pieces ranging from thunderous pandemonium to delicate introspection, Golan’s music stirs many emotions within the listener.
Upon the recent release of “Silhouette” in January of 2008, Albu’s first full-length solo album has received considerable attention and has led to numerous appearances in venues across the state.
“I tried to make a record that was very thought-out and precise, yet still had the potential to morph into something different on stage,” says Albu. “It’s challenging to write music that has form and structure as well as the ability to evolve and live on outside of the album.” Translating the written music into a spontaneous and volatile expression of creativity during each show has become a focal point of the band. Golan feeds off of each other as well as the audience when performing and the same piece often mutates between different performances. The result is always an exciting and unpredictable journey of individual and group expression that leaves a haunting imprint in its wake.

Sebastian Albu- Guitars
John Grigsby- Electric and Acoustic Bass
John Lake- Trumpet
Mark Emmons- Drums

Phone: 720-339-1451


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