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Sebastiano Maria Vianello and Venice Light Orchestra
Professional Violin player/Composer.
I was born in Ankara, Turkey of Venetian parents, both pianists and teachers of the Conservatory, who strongly encouraged me, a little bit against my will, to enter into what I later discovered as a fantastic career in the field of music. The piano was not my “forte”, so one day I took down the violin from the wall of my grandfather Giuseppe’s house. After two hours of “fiddling around” I was able to make that strange box called a violin “sing”, accompanied on the piano by my brother Gabriele.
After my parents found out, I was immediately placed under the expert guidance of Maestro Giovanni Guglielmo. I made my professional debut at 12 years old, facing the public for my first concert in the main salon of the University of Mülacker in Germany and later in a programme on the main Italian TV station RAI dedicated to young talent. I finished my studies with Pavel Vernikov, Gregory Zhislin, and Corrado Romano who gave me the opportunity to become familiar with other important international violin schools.
After my youthful experience with the Orchestra of the Festival of Barga and the chamber music orchestra of Arrigo Pedrollo, I was invited to become part of the Orchestra of Padova and Veneto (1986) by Maestro Bruno Giuranna, who was artistic director at the time. I decided to become a soloist in 1990 forming my own orchestra: Gruppo Strumentale Veneto G.F Malipiero (The Veneto Experimental Group), a real training ground and after more than 650 concerts I was able to form my repertoire as a soloist and become very comfortable as a violin concertmaster.
Then after this initiation, I was invited to conduct other wonderful groups like I Virtuosi dell’Ensemble of Venice for eight years where I performed in Italy, Turkey, and Brazil in over 350 concerts and with the Interpreti Veneziani from 1995. With this group I perform in about 100 concerts every year giving me the chance to perform in Australia, Japan, USA and Honduras, as a soloist.
In 1996 I came in contact with Maestro Josè Maria Ulla, Director of the Orquesta Sinfonica di Bahia Blanca in Argentina, and I have had the fortune to play in tours with him nearly every year performing concerts by Mozart, Viotti, Tchaikowski and many others. After forming a solid friendship with Maestro Ulla, in 2006 we founded the Sinfonieta Mar del Plata, an interesting orchestra that interprets many different types of music.
Do you want to know what violin I play? An amazing one: An Antonius et Hieronymus Amati Cremonensis from 1611 bought in London in 1995.


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