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Shaun Degraff is in the midst of a personal journey, exploring uncharted territory, with unremitting influences of positive and negative energy, away from his comfort zone and approaching that sweet spot between good and evil. That’s where he survives.  It’s the tight rope he walks every day, and the title of his new album “Grey Area”. 
This balanced lifestyle that DeGraff advocates leads one to a more powerful place where, as Shaun puts it, “inquisitive minds begin to explore.” And his particularly probing musical mind usually leads him to create memorable, keyboard-saturated pop music. His influences come from the extremes of music.  You can hear the rock, jazz, classical, hip-hop, and pop in his songs. 
Shaun comes from a blue collar mining family where music has always been a major part of his life. The home stereo in Kingman Arizona was constantly playing albums that ranged from Santana to Motown to Classical.  Inspired by soulful artist such as Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, and Otis Redding he gravitated towards singing in choirs and acting in theatre at an early age. He received his first piano at age 13, and he immediately fell in love with the freedom of thought and expression that song writing on that old instrument afforded him.   Writing is therapeutic for him and behind the keyboard is where he is most at home.  His songs remind you of the raw energy of the Killers mixed with the soulfulness of G Love and tempered with the musical prowess of Ben Folds. DeGraff is a storyteller and live performer and puts all his energy into live shows.  With the use of powerful piano based pop songs his strong voice urges his audience to understand and learn from him “that’s what it’s all about, connecting with the audience by telling them stories of the human condition. I want them to live life to the fullest by letting their imaginations run wild and exploring all that life has to offer.” 

One only has to listen to this insightful singer/songwriter to understand his message. “Grey Area” for instance, provides a track titled “Green Man”, where he applauds the universe for coming together (no matter the color of our skins) to deal with the damage we have done to our planet on one side, and then counters with the distain he has for those that would use this for their own personal advantages.

Another offering, “Scenic Route to Die”, speaks of the importance of living life for ourselves by staying true to our beliefs. We need to enjoy the ride itself, not concentrate on the inevitable one way trip towards death.

As a two time award winner for “Best Modern Rock Album” by Just Plain Folk – the largest indie music organization in the world, Shaun has played such venues as the Hard Rock Café, the House of Blues, the Viper Room, and has toured with the USO. He now lives and works in Las Vegas, the Petri dish of mankind.  It’s the perfect place to observe all that’s right and wrong within humanity.  “We all have the ability to be a little of both, mankind is bipolar”, and that’s what this (his 4th) album is about, exploring the good and bad in life and learning from the extremes.  He believes that energy is both positive and negative and one cannot exist without the other.   Once you experience his music, you will be inspired to dig deep within yourself and look at each of those sides. He wants to help you face your fears head-on, in that “Grey Area”.   


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