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The only thing we can change is ourselves. Yet this can change the world.

Sky Nelson has devoted much of his muse to music, playing piano since the age of three and studying with numerous private teachers in many genres, spending time at Berklee College of Music and UC Berkeley, and working as band leader for a well known hip hop artist.

Yet he is also becoming known for his work in theoretical physics on the principles behind synchronicity or ‘meaningful coincidences’. Sky’s passions of spirituality, physics (BA Physics, UC Berkeley), and activism have led him to develop this theory based on core principles of modern physics, and he has presented at conferences and other organizations around the west coast presenting his views. His personal discovery of synchronicity has led him to many incredible experiences, including meeting future president Barack Obama face to face and handing him a music video devoted to his campaign (“We Are the Ones (We’ve Been Waiting For)”).

His passions have come together in his work with the Science of Mind community, performing his songs weekly in many Centers for Spiritual Living around the country. This non-denominational spiritual community has provided the perfect outlet for his positive songwriting and his motivational message about the power of living in synchronicity.

Sky has partnered with Rev. Barbara Leger to create a workshop titled “When somebody MUST Win, Everybody Loses”. In it, they examine the importance of cooperation at a personal as well as global level, both from a metaphysical and from a scientific point of view. Sky provides both musical inspiration and discussion of current scientific progress. The workshop was highlighted at the Asilomar Conference center in 2010.

Sky has won numerous awards for his songwriting, including the West Coast Songwriters Best Song and Best Performance, honorable mention Indie International 2008, and honorable mention (People’s Choice) Song of The Year contest 2009. His writing on the nature of synchronicity has been published in New Thought Magazine and Science of Mind Magazine.

Sky became a first time dad in 2009, and that experience has driven his physics work and his music to a deeper level. His next album is due to release in October 2010, entitled “Live in Love”.

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