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This Accomplished Songwriter and published Author has scored Movie and TV placements at Networks such as ABC, NBC, Discovery TV, Direct TV, Sony Pictures, Time Warner, CMT, MTV and Turner Cable. Steve has penned songs in Pop, Folk, Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz, New Age, R&B, CCM and Holiday Music.

Some TV credits include the “Secret Lives of Women” at ABC TV News, the “Summer Of Music” promotion at MTV, “Pit Boss” at Discovery’s Animal Planet TV, “The Millionaire Matchmaker” at NBC & BRAVO TV, “Baby Madness and Candid Kids” at Discovery TV, CMT’s “Next Superstar” and “It Only Hurts When I Laugh” at Time Warner’s Tru TV.

EOS,(partner of SIRIUS Radio) licensed songs for corporate clients. Other partnerships have been formed with Muzak, Verizon, Sprint/Nextal, Boost Mobile and multiple US and Cdn. Telecos.

“Every Street” and “Carter’s Revenge” appeared in “MONSTER”, an OFF BROADWAY Play (NYC) at the Solonova Arts Festival. “LaSalle Steet” enjoys licensing usages from S&P Top 100 Companies to the internet needs of the Marriot Hotel Chain in Chicago.

Recently, a special occasion tune called “Just Like Valentine’s Day” saw Video/Web licensing at “GUINESS ALE” (Ireland/Europe) and “The Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Ctr.” for their employees and stakeholders at Valentine’s Day!

In the past, the Top 8 Songs at the MP3.COM “Easy Listening” Charts were Steve’s music. And N1M (owned by MySpace) records 600,000 plays of Steve’s music on over 10 months.

A member of SOCAN and ASCAP, the CD’s & Digital downloads are at I-Tune’s, Amazon, Walmart and here as well!


— TIME WARNER & TRU TV license “Casa Loma” & “Crusin With Grusin” for 2 episodes of “IT ONLY HURTS WHEN I LAUGH” 2010-11

— NBC/UNIVERSAL TV and BRAVO license “Casa Loma” & “Crusin With Grusin” for 5 episodes of “THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER”. 2010-11

— ABC NEWS TV in NYC license “Never Knew You At All” for “SECRET LIVES OF WOMEN”. 2010

— MTV CABLE TV license “Dancin’ Shoes” for “SUMMER OF MUSIC” promotion. 2010

— DISCOVERY TV and ANIMAL PLANET license “Casa Loma” & “Crusin With Grusin” for “PIT BOSS” (4 Episodes) 2010-11.

— MTV CABLE TV Networks license “Carter’s Revenge” for TV/Film usage. 2011

— Israeli Short Film…”Casus Belli” license “Lasalle St” and “Bright Lites City Nights”. 2008

— TU BETA TS’ENA (Water Is Life) a Canadian Film license “Matthew’s Song” 2009

–GAME SHOW NETWORK TV and SONY Pictures license music (Casa Loma)for “HIDDEN AGENDA” (1 episode) 2010

— MTV, OXYGEN TV Networks license “LASALLE ST.” & “TRAIN TRACK GUITAR” for TV/Film.

— “CINCINATTI CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER” license “Just Like Valentine’s Day” for Corporate and Web Video for patients, employees and stakeholders. 2011-12

— DISCOVERY HEALTH TV license “Appalachian”, “Casa Loma” & “Crusin With Grusin” for “BABY MADNESS AND CANDID KIDS” (3 episodes) 2009.

— MTV Cable TV Networks license “Travellin’ Jack” and “Love And The Leaving” for TV/Film usage. 2011

— S&P TOP 100 CORPORATION license “LASALLE ST.” for Convention/Video/Web usage. 2009

— NEW YORK UNIVERSITY license “Travellin’ Jack” and “And Can You” in “THE JOURNAL” (Trailor) 2011-12.

— MARRIOT INTERNATIONAL HOTEL’S in Chicago, USA License “LaSalle Street” for Corporate Website usage. 2011

— “GUINESS ALE” (Ireland/Europe) license “Just Like Valentine’s Day” for Corporate and Web Video for their World Distribution Partners. 2011-12

— “Ole Ghosts” licensed in Media/ Short Film/Commercial Video (Europe) 2009.

— “Remember When”, “Erik’s Song” and “Moonshine Nights” in Pre-Production for TV Networks. 2011.

— NBC/UNIVERSAL TV and BRAVO license “Endless Time Now” episodes of “THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER”. 2011

–CMT’s “Next Superstar” licensed music for the “Meet And Greet” episodes in April 2011.


— “Love And The Leaving” licensed by MTV Cable Networks 2011.

— OFF BROADWAY THEATER New York City (Space 122) license “Every Street” and “Carter’s Revenge” in “MONSTER” at the SOLONOVA Arts Festival. 2010

— “Resume Of Love” licensed for In Store use for US based SUBWAY Chain. 2011 (more to follow)

— UK (United Kingdom)Songwriting contest 2011. “Won’t Be Hurt Again” a Semi-Finalist in Acoustic/Folk 2011.

— Bluebird TV Networks license “End Of The Road” in “Bonnie and Clide” Made-For-TV Movie. 2011

— Neo-Classical songs (3)are licensed to MUZAK and LLC for In-Store listening as part Distribution package from AudioSparx. 2011


— “CIVIL WAR” DVD Collection 2012 license “Racing Back Through Time” and “All Alone” (US release) Kestner Prod. North Carolina.USA

— “Serpo” for Web Background at Optique Salon Management Software.(Advertised in Canadian Salon Magazine) 2011 (

— Music is licensed to MUZAK, LLC – Muzak is the world’s leading Commercial Music Provider. And to SUBWAY RESTAURANTS – Subway is the world’s largest restaurant chain

— Music licensed to PLAYNETWORK, DMX, AQUASOFT, CLEAR CHANNEL and KIRUSA, all major CMS providers.

— “If You Have The Time” licensed by Salsa Creative Inc in Dover, NH (Advertising Agency)for Internet Media and Television Media.

— “VIETNAM WAR” DVD Collection 2012 to license selected music.(US future release) Kestner Productions. North Carolina.USA

— 2008 MTV-VH1 “SONG OF THE YEAR” (October) “You Are The One” placed #2 in “FOLK” Category.

— Rosenklang/AudioSparx Music license 44 Songs in Latin, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Christmas, Pop-Jazz,Corporate Jazz and New Age for 20 compilation CD’s for Physical and Digital release at I-Tunes and multiple Wordwide Distribution channels. 2011.

— WINNER Of PEER REVIEW (over 100,000 members)in the “LOVE JOY CONTEST” at BROADJAM.Com 2006

— 2004 MTV-VH1 “SONG OF THE YEAR” Contest…#4 placement for “DESERT SUN” in “FOLK” Category.

— 2003–Current….43 songs on or offered) Nashville Special Limited Edition CD’s for A/R Industry Representatives.

— 2006 John Mayer Songwriting contest. Original entry “Lone Cowboy” (using part John Mayer Lyrics)

— DIRECTOR’s AWARDS (45) from Paramount Song Group for “Exceptional Song Writing”. 2004–Current.

— 2008 ISSA Folk Finalist (2nd Place) with “The Last Great Cowboy”.(Independent Singer Songwriter Association)

— 2010–Current. EOS Music (a partner of SIRIUS Radio) pick up 60+ songs for Web Channel play to Corporate clients.

— 2010-Current. Over 200+ Songs for Ringtones placed with Verizon, Sprint, Muzak, Canadian/US telecos and Boost Mobile Wordwide through AudioSparx Music Library.

— Nominated for Cultural Heritage Award in TV and Media in Thunder Bay. 2010

— UK (United Kingdom)Songwriting contest 2010. “Love And Leaving” a Semi-Finalist in Adult Contemporary Category. “The Last Great Cowboy” garnered a “Commended” entry award. 2010

— “Memories Of Me” and many other songs has qualified for IAIRA Certification.(International Association of Independent Recording Artists). 2011

— Rosenklang/AudioSparx Music license 23 Songs in New Country, Folk, Country, Blues and Neo-Classical on 8 compilation CD’s for Physical and Digital release at I-Tunes and multiple Wordwide Distribution channels. 2011.

— Partnerships with THUMBPLAY, and ROCK CITY Music CD’s and Digital Compilations. 2011


–N1M Indie Site (My Space Owned) records 1,300,000 plays of my music by Sept 2011….only a year after joining!

— “A COLLECTION OF SONG POEMS” (PoeLyrics)(100+ Titles). Published by LULU BOOK Publishing. 2011

— 2009 “Holiday Wish” compiled onto “HOLIDAY ALBUM 2009” for limited Release in the United States.

— MUSIC PUBLISHING–(current or past) SMASHTRAX Publshing,(BMI), (Los Angeles), NBT Records (West Virginia), AUDIOSPARX (Florida), MERNEE Records (Alabama) and MUSIC ET ALL Publishing,(BMI),(Los Angeles).

— ROCK CITY Records will license multiple Genre Tracks in conjuction with AudioSparx. Distribution is via Digital Worldwide Web sites like Amazon and I-Tunes. 2011-12.

— Map Communications Ltd.(400 employees), a Industry leading Specialized Call Ctr. in Chesapeake Virginia license 30 Songs for their business ‘Phone On-Hold’ needs. 2011

— YOU TUBE (Steve Dafoe) has multiple (60+) Video’s with a wide variety of genre’s and themes.

— “ANTHOLOGY OF MUSIC LEAD SHEETS” (2003-2006. )Published by LULU Book Publishing. 2011

— Rosenklang/AudioSparx license Female and Male Power Pop and Rock songs for CD and Digital releases on I-Tunes. 2011.

— 2006 “Black Ghost” pressed on “RIDE THE TRAIN” Vol # 32. Distributed Worldwide by NBT Records. West Virginia. USA

— Independent Living Partnership Company License “Nonie’s Song” for the Short Film “First 20 Years” for Internet and Corporate usages. 2011-12

— SOUNDEXCHANGE reports Radio Airplay of many songs. Latest Radio station is KJAZZ (United Kingdom). Live365, JANGO Air, AudioSparx Radio, KNFA Radio, Canda Air FM, RUFUS Radio, Muzak Radio and PlayNetwork Radiol amonst many others worldwide. 2011


THE #1 SONGS CHARTING at MP3.COM, Radio Indy, Indie Music, Number 1 Music/My Space & MyRecordLabel. Over 100 Songs have charted at spots like Audiostreet, Our Stage, Reverb Nation, A&R Select & I-Like!


“South Carolina Way”(AC) 2008
“Why Don’t You?” (Easy) 2008
“For All Things” (Easy Listen) 2008
“Through To You” (Easy) 2008
“Darling,Have I”(Ctry) 2009
“Memories Of You”(AC) 2008
“If I Asked” (Ctry) 2008


“If I Asked” 2008


“Tommy” (R&B)2009
“Mt Shasta” (Hard Rock) 2011
“Water Under A Bridge” (Folk) 2011
“Bar Of Lost Souls” (AC) 2009
“East Of Eden” (Rock)2009
“Storm Of Days”(AC) 2009
“Love And Leaving”(AC) 2010
“Not Finished Loving” (Pop)2009
“Been The Only ” (Acoustic)2010


“Cayman Island Shuffle” (Reggae) 2011
“Rich Mans Wife” (AC)2011
“Water Under A Bridge”(AC) 2010
“East Of Eden ” (Rock) 2009
“You Are The One” (Folk) 2007-08
“Not Finished Loving” (Pop) 2009
“Don’t Let Me Go” (Ctry) 2009
“Last Great Cowboy” (AC)2009
“Love And Leaving” (AC) 2009
“If You Have The..”(AC) 2009
“Day Of Reckoning”(Amer) 2010
“Been The Only One”(Acous) 2010
“River Of Pain” (Acous) 2010
“Resume Of Love” (Crty) 2010
“End Of That Whole Mess” (Soft Rock) 2011
“Lost Boy Lost Girl At X-Mas” 2011
“Won’t Be Hurt Again” (Acous) 2011
“Time 4U” (Electronic) 2011


“All Alone” 2011 (Uncle Sam’s Contest)
“Amor” (Tr3 Latin Music) 2011


“You Are The One” (CCM)(Cdn) 2010
“And Can You?” (Soft Rock)(World) 2011
“Last Great Cowboy”(AC)(Cdn) 2010
“Stay With Me”(Soft Rock) (Cdn.) 2011
“If You Have The Time” (Soft Rock) (Cdn) 2011
“If I Asked” (Easy Listen)(World) 2011
“Through To You”(Easy Listen)(World) 2011
“Mt Shasta” (Soft Rock)(Canada) 2011
“Flying Back To L.A.X.” (Progressive) 2011
“Kentucky Guitar” (Soft Rock) Cdn 2011
“Rich Man’s Wife” (Southern Rock) Cdn 2011
“Just Like Valentine’s” (Acoustic) Cdn 2011
“Black Ghost” (World) 2011
“Tommy” (R&B) Cdn 2011
“Day Of Reckoning” (Soft Rock) Cdn 2011
“Carter’s Revenge” (Rock)Cdn 2011
“Casa Loma” (Easy Listen) World Charts 2011
“Resume Of Love” (Easy Listen) World Charts 2011
“End Of That Whole Mess” (Soft Rock) World 2011
“Been The Only One” (Soft Rock) World 2011
“Time 4U” (Electronic) 2011


“End Of The Road” (Blues) 2007-08
“Black Ghost” (Roots) 2008
“Stay With Me” (Country CCM) 2007
“Shoes Of A Fisherman” (Folk) 2009
“LaSalle St” (Blues) 2009
“Won’t Be Hurt Again” (Rock)2011
“Erik’s Song” (Pop) Canada 2011


“Slow Burn” (Americana) 2010
“If You Have” (Folk) 2009
“Last Great Cowboy” (Folk) 2009


“Love And The Leaving” (Other) 2011
(N.W. Ontario, Canada)


“Following Lincoln” (Jazz)2009


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