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MUSIC FOR VISIONARIES. Enhance your visual creations. Expand your mind. Dream. You are just a click away…

My name is Tim Wenzel and I write music for visual media and for inspirational listening in a broad, original style perhaps best described as a New Age/Celtic acoustic fusion.

I studied the piano from age 5 until about age 13 – my teacher wouldn’t let me play rock and roll, only classical. So I quit. When I left home for college and grad school I bought a parlor grand that I dragged from place to place. Finally I moved to Berkeley CA to be even more edgekated so I finally sold the piano – my car barely made it over the Rockies as it was. In Berkeley I could sign up for piano use in a private room (e.g., closet) so I continued to play and record using a small tape recorder. When I got a real job, I bought a keyboard. When sequencers appeared, and computers, I started writing in earnest. My music seems to be maturing lately, more in touch with the ghosts and spirits that haunt me, that force me (joyfully) into writing and playing.

Finalist, 2010 Hollywood Music in Media Awards, for “Birka”

Honorable Mention, Great Lakes Song Writing, Contest for “Appalachian Spring”

Honorable Mention, West Coast Songwriters International Songwriting Contest “Birka”

“Snow Falling Softly” has been selected as music to be used in a Hollywood movie called “The Lid”, to be released Jan 2012.

Finalist twice for the 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Awards, for songs “Snow Falling Softly” and “Luminous Flight” (w/ Sarah Gurr) – winners to be announced in Hollywood in November 2011.


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