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Born in 1986 into a musical family in northern germany I have always
felt quite different to other kids. When I was 16 my dream was to stay on a farm in the middle of nowhere somewhere, work on fixing fences, take care of the animals and spend all nights sitting on an open fire listening to home made live banjo music and in my free time after school I played Neil Young on the guitar and daydreamed which is what I always do.
The english language always sounded like music to me and was very importantly linked to the wish to write and play music myself. So after
highschool I took a 2 years course to become a foreign language correspondent!

Ever since my journey has taken me to Ireland twice, first as an Au Pair in 2009 where I adored people on stage but made no steps towards living that dream myself and second in 2013/2014 where I auditioned and got a placement for the 9 months-course “Music, management and sound” by Chris Ahern in Cork, Ireland. During that stay I wrote most of the material that I can call my own work. One of my highlights of the stay was writing “Evergreen Road” cause I would have never guessed to be able to write songs like that myself!

After I finished my second stay in Ireland I decided that “Schleswig-Holstein”, the part of germany where I am from, is the most beautiful and best place on earth to live and am currently working a normal office job. But when it comes to traveling and touring with a band – that would be a dream come true.

Vivien Unsinn


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