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David Joyce is a singer, keyboard
player & songwriter who has worked
with the likes of Chris Isaak, Burt Bacharach, U2, Natalie Cole,
Elvis Costello, Dionne Warwick, Sheryl Crow, Ray Charles, Babyface,
Michael Jackson, David Byrne, Richard Marx, Tim McGraw,
Wynonna Judd, Frank Sinatra, Vince Gill, Barry Manilow.

He has sung for many films, including Spider-Man 3, King Kong,
The Simpsons Movie, X-Men: The Last Stand, Superman Returns,
The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, The Sixth Sense, Big, Contact, LA Story,
There’s Something About Mary, and many others. Some of the
television shows he’s sung on have included Family Guy, American
Dreams, Carmen Sandiego, Saved By The Bell, Days Of Our Lives,
and The Tonight Show.
David has written songs for and produced a number of young artists in
the Los Angeles area, and has scored several PBS documentaries and
a number of AFI films. David won a Grammy Award in the category of
Best Jazz Vocal Group 1986 with Clare Fischer’s “2 + 2 Plus”.

William Belote is an eclectic composer of everything from
avant-garde chamber music to cutting edge electronica.
He wrote and produced a series of albums for the record
label Music House Productions.

The titles, Mindsailing, Connected, Siddhartha,
The Reflecting Pool, Timeless Vibrations,
No Distance Between Us, and Season Without End,
combine acoustic and electronic instruments, and
have been popular on radio stations around the world.

Belote has scored feature films including Warlords
with David Carradine and B.O.R.N. with Russ Tamblyn
and P.J. Soles. Recently, he has begun scoring a series
of multimedia religious documentaries.


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