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Psy’Aviah is an open-minded electronic music project that focuses on blending several genres and influences into their own eclectric sound. They exists of vocalist Emélie Nicolaï, guitarist Kristof De Clerck and synthesizer-geek / composer Yves Schelpe.

Experimentation is one of Psy’Aviah’s main philosophies. This is portrayed in both incorporating different genres into their own sound and the different collaborations they have done over the years: from poetry with Suzi Q. Smith and Jean-Luc De Meyer (Front 242), to EBM / power-pop with Jennifer Parkin (Ayria), even to Enya-esque reminders with Kristell Lowagie… Due to this experimentation in both music and lyrics, the band fits well on different stages, catering both gothic, rock and electronic festivals, as well as more experimental shows.

Formed in 2003, but mainly focusing on experimentation and playing live, the band really took shape in 2007 when releasing their first album Creationism, which was produced and mastered by Len Lemeire (Implant / 32Crash). After their maiden voyage Psy’Aviah signed to Alfa Matrix records to release another two albums: Entertainment Industries in 2008 which was again produced and mastered by Len Lemeire, followed by Eclectric / Eclectricism in 2010 which was co-produced and mastered by Geert de Wilde (IC 434 / Pangean Dreams). A follow-up EP for the single “Into The Game featuring Ayria” taken from Eclectric / Eclectricism appeared in 2011, featuring remixes from Signal Aout 42, Misery, Plastic Noise Experience, etc.. and was mastered by Geert de Wilde.

Some facts…

* Played with acts such as Subsonica, IC 434, Emilie Autumn, Implant, 32Crash, etc…
* Played various festivals including SONFest, Delta Festival Hague, Gothic Festival, BIMFest, etc…
* Collaborated with Jean-Luc De Meyer (Front 242), Jennifer Parkin (Ayria), IC 434 (Geert de Wilde), etc…
* Banned by YouTube for supposedly explicit content in their videoclip for “Moments feat. Suzi Q. Smith)”
* Asked to participate in the Microsoft Windows 7 marketing with the song “Tired”.
* Played live inside an internet-banner for a DEXIA campaign with the song “Tired”.
* Music (“Fear”) used for footage of the “Dirty Dancing” fashion show with clothing of Nicky Vankets, Othello and hair products of Paul Mitchell.
* Scored a top 20 entry in the “BBC Next Big Thing” contest. Among the judges were Tori Amos, Nina de Man, Nitin Sawhney, etc…
* Won the weekly Studio Brussel’s demopoll in 2003 with the unreleased song “The Future of The Sun”.


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