How to Promote Your Music Online

how to promote your music online

The process of writing a song is a highly rewarding experience. However, the most rewarding aspect of making music is sharing it with other people.

The good news is that the internet allows independent musicians to find an audience that truly connects with their music. Learning how to promote your music online enables you to build a loyal fanbase that wants to hear more from you.

In today’s world, the process of marketing your music leaves a lot of room for creativity.
We put together an article that provides a road map to help independent musicians build awareness for their art. Keep reading to learn how to promote your music online!

Social Media Platforms

When it comes to thinking about how to promote your music online, social media is the first thing that pops into your head—and for good reason. Social media is the easiest way to engage listeners and build a community around your music. It enables your fanbase to share your music with other people who may soon become a part of your audience as a result. However, there are many social media platforms, and they’re not all created equal.

Facebook should serve as your information hub. Use it to post major news and announcements.

Twitter is the best platform to crack some jokes or share silly opinions. Don’t be afraid to use it for personal rants as well—as long as you don’t go overboard.

Instagram provides a great way to connect with music fans through photos and videos. In fact, research shows that Instagram users spend 42% more money on music than the average person.

Snapchat is the ideal platform to preview snippets of new music. Additionally, you can use it to encourage fans to create snaps of themselves wearing some of your merchandise.

TikTok also takes engagement and fan participation to another level. Over half of all active TikTok users regularly create and upload their own videos. How can you get some of your songs in the mix?

You don’t have to use every major social media platform. But, pick your platforms wisely and set aside time every day to interact with fans on social media.


If you’re trying to learn how to promote your music online, make sure you don’t skip over email. Email is one of the most personal forms of digital communication. Your emails can potentially end up next to emails from family members and coworkers.

However, it also happens to be one of the most effective channels of promotion. Give people a reason to subscribe to your email newsletter in the first place. Use newsletters to offer special discounts and exclusive content to subscribers.

Fan contests are a great way to build a sizable mailing list. Encourage fans to sign up in order to enter their names in a contest to win some merchandise. But once you gain a subscriber, don’t let them down. If they unsubscribe, you’re probably never going to get them back.

Companies bombard the average person with a lot of junk mail, and this makes the average person’s patience run thin when it comes to email. This means you want to send regular updates, but not too many.

When used properly, email can help you forge long-term relationships with the consumers of your music.


Even though tweets are a good way to share personal opinions and experiences, they’re brief. The truth is that 140 characters are not enough for the more serious matters. If you want to dive into deeper topics, don’t forget to do some blogging.

Blogging is a great way to attract traffic to your website. Plus, it keeps people coming back to your site for more content. You can use blog posts to share detailed stories about your career, or how you came up with a concept for a new song. You can also use your blog as sort of a diary or journal where you share your everyday experiences with your fans.

But you don’t have to focus only on yourself. You can also produce some blog content that focuses on your music genre in general. Just make sure that your blog connects to your main website, and keep your music store only a click away.


A lot of people view other artists as competition. In reality, other artists can often serve as assets. Network with other bands online. As a result, you may gain access to some of their fanbase. Also, feel free to send messages to indie music blogs related to your genre. This can help you target people who are likely interested in hearing your music.

These blogs are always looking for good sources of content. Offer them some compelling stories about your experiences as a musician, or focus on an aspect of you that is unique. Personalize the emails you send to these blogs, and reach out to as many as you can. The results may shock you.

Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming has really taken off over the recent years. Periscope popularized the medium in 2015. As a result, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter now offer mobile live video streaming as well. Facebook research shows that people spend 3 times as much time on live videos than those that are no longer live. In 2020 and 2021, Live streaming has been the primary (and often only) option for artists to perform for fans.

There is something about live events that captivates viewers and listeners. It’s about sharing the experience with others, and being there when the event occurred.

So what are the best ways to use live video to promote your music?

Surprise people with live performances. Live chats or Q&A sessions provide great ways to promote your music without coming off as a salesman. Even something as simple as a live personal update is an effective way to engage your audience.

The more your audience gets to know you, the more they resonate with your music. Building a fanbase is akin to building a personal relationship with a person you trust. Be accessible and make your audience feel like they’re with you along your journey. Just remember that if you’re struggling to figure out how to promote your music online, live video streaming is just a few taps away.

Final Thoughts on How to Promote Your Music Online

Promoting your music should be a fun, creative process. Remember to stay as active as possible. Engage your audience on social media, and continue to churn out new music. Your job is not to convince people that your music is good. Let your music do the convincing for you. Instead, your promotion needs to focus on being genuine with people.

The Indie International Songwriting Contest, which recognizes emerging talent, is a fantastic way to share your music with others while also promoting yourself online. Sign up today!

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