A Love That Might Have Been

by Mike Hyden

Genre: Pop


Well I don’t know, no I’m not sure if we’d have made it
but I wish we had the chance
I can’t let go, we let the times we had be shaded
by a cloud of circumstance
Don’t you ever wonder if we tried again
if maybe this time girl it all would never end
there is no worse a curse than trying to defend
not making something of a love that might have been
I look around and see the town is full of lovers
oh I miss your warm embrace
they get me down, I’m much too jealous of the others
how I long to see your face
Repeat Chorus
Oh lady I know that you are leery
but can’t you give it half a chance
we’ve paid the fiddler off by now I’m sure
don’t you think it’s time we try to dance
It hurts so much to think our book of love is pending
unfinished on the shelf
just pick it up, and try to write a happy ending
you owe it to yourself
Repeat Chorus

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