A Million Voices

by Kent Heckaman (music), Ana Diaz (lyrics)

Genre: Folk


There are bridges
Where the godforsaken go
Over rivers rushing toward peace
While the blessed ones look away

It only takes, one little drop
To start a thunderstorm
Cover your eyes, from the rain
It’s easier than knowing the truth

Hold your megaphones, sing your Sunday songs
To drown out their cries
Show your true colors shiny bright
Shades of apathy

It only takes, one tiny sound
To cause an avalanche
And only one, careless action
To bruise the world

Beat to a different kind of drum
High above the surging roar
Singing a million voices strong
Let love win the war

It only takes one small voice
To maybe save a life

I’m here, I’ve got you by the hand
We’ll write a different ending

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