A Place to Sleep

by Edward Simmons aka Ted Simmons

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


A Place to Sleep

Woke up early yesterday morning,
with a mind to try and get paid.
Found my spot on the unemployment line and
brother that?s where I stayed.

Ain?t much movin? ?round town these days since the tire plant closed last year.
Once upon a time a man could make a livin? that don?t happen too much around here.

Tried my hand as a soldier in the army,
gave me a pretty good ride.
Had myself a sweet little wife and
I held my head with pride.

Hit a road side bomb in the Afghan desert and it all came down to the ground.
Haven?t seen my wife in near 4 years, don?t know if she is still hanging around.

Started into drinking when I came back for war
as it seemed to make the day go by.
Woke up sober one afternoon and wonderin?
what I did to my eye.

Cops came by later that day on an incident two nights before.
Man in a bar looked the wrong way so I beat him near death to the floor.

They said if he lives you are still doing time,
so you best get ready to go.
I did 18 months and I was set free,
guess I got lucky wouldn?t you know.

Layin? pretty low ever since then, makin? enough to get by.
Winter?s coming soon and I?ll need a little bread for a room at the union street Y.

Know a guy who says he got me a job,
If it?s somethin? I?m willing to hack.
A couple of folks livin? down by the river,
owe him money and he wants it back.

Borrow me a gun and go down to the river, I can be at that house at first light.
They?ll all be sleeping they won?t hear me comin? inside to make things right.

Anybody fights I?ll blow them down,
makes no difference to me.
The government made me a killin? man,
and by God that?s what I?ll be.

Strip them bare pay back what?s owed with a little left over to keep.
Rooms cost money and I got none, a man needs a place to sleep.

Rooms cost money and I got none, a man needs a place to sleep.

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