A1A (Settin’ Myself Free)

by Elizabeth Butler

Genre: Americana/Country


A1A seems like a good place to start.
I’ll pack up my dreams, gas up the car, and follow my heart.
There’ll never be a good time, and things couldn’t get much worse.
I’ll forge a new life, create a new me, I’ll remake my universe.

There’s no good-byes when no one’s sure of your name.
No tender farewells, no backward glance,
Just so much to gain.
No more polite rejections, no more underhanded sleights.
I gave it my best, I need to move on,
Sometimes it’s not worth the fight.

So I’m settin’ myself free.
All I know for sure is the highway in front of me.
I’m shifting into drive.
No maps, no plans, just unchained to start a new life.
I’m settin’ myself free.

Seems right to leave when the sky is threatening to rain.
Please, wash the slate clean, cleanse all my sins so I can start over again.


There’s no shame in leaving when nothing’s left but pain.
What’s the point in staying when things just stay the same.
It takes more than one person
Willing to change
Willing to change
Willing to change.


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