All About You

by Jeff Powers

Genre: Rock


Take a break from the mirror, I’d like to talk to you
I’ll give you just a minute, I know you like the view
I think the world of you but you think the same of yourself
How can we be when there’s you and no one else

Tesing my sanity you’re a…
Slave to your vanity it’s true
It’s tough to take and hard to hear
But let me make it very clear

You think it’s all about you
You think it’s all about you
It doesn’t matter what I do
You make it all about you

Conversations wasted, I can’t get a word
And everything I hear I know I’ve already heard
You talk about the people you meet and then tell your friends
I’ve heard it once I don’t wanna hear it again and again and again

You won’t wanna hear what I have to say
And you don’t care anyway, but who…
Do you think you really are, another
Narcissistic fashion superstar

Because it’s all about you
You think it’s all about you
Taking anything you choose
You make it all about you

Where do we go
With your ego
There’s no gratitude
Only your attitude

All the selfish tendencies are slowy
Bending and breaking me, what’s new?
Put away the person that you made
And get back to yourself before it’s too late

It isn’t all about you
It isn’t all about you
Try to take a different view
Don’t make it all about you

Is it all about you?

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