All I Can Do

by Michael D. Burns

Genre: Rock


Is it alright to keep that all inside ?
Is it ok if I should spend the night alone with you?
Don’t be ashamed to loosen up all your locks and chains
It’s alright, it’s never easy
But, you can afford to take that chance
So, pay attention
I’ve only ever had the best intentions
And all I can do is long to be with you

I say my words, but do you get the best of what they mean ?
Don’t doubt those three words for an instant
They’re really what they seam
Don’t be afraid to shake off
The veil upon your heart
Just let your life breathe for a minute
The love I have for you can’t be contained, or tamed, or hidden
The only way my life’s dream will come true is if you’re in it
And all I can do is promise to be true

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