All The Letters

by Helen Austin

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


A is for are you ready to find me
B is for boy let’s go
C is for can I see you again and
D is for don’t say know
E is for everyday that I’m with you
F is for falling fast
G is for got to get you to see that I know it’s gonna last

All the way to you
All the letters I’ve been through

His for how you really feel about me
I really need to know
J is for just how long can I wait and
‘Kay now come on let’s go
L is for love you i really love you
M is for more than I can say
N is for no more messing around
Oh what lovely day



P is for please will you stay forever
Q is for quite a day
R is for really finding the one and
S is for say you’ll stay
T is for time and U is for us and
V is for very long
We will explore this zone that we’re in and
We’ll keep singing this song
We’ll keep singing this song
We’ll keep singing this song

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