Already Alone

by Will Rachofsky

Genre: Folk


I fell asleep on a crowded subway train
When I woke up you were sitting right next to me
Some kind of angel only from my oldest dreams
Can you take me with you

When I was a child, and I could not fall asleep
I got down on my knees
Spent the night on the cold floor
Only for my oldest dream
Can you take me with you

So many people
living in sadness
There’s no reason
To be living in sadness
A crowded city bus
The loneliest people
So scared of loneliness
That they’re already alone

Dark clouds of envy lie over a city of dreams
What I want is just above my reach
But what I want, now, is it really what I need?
Will my dreams come true

The crowded city streets have been a friend to me
They whisper tales from under iron seams
In a world below this, rivers run into the sea
Can you take me with you

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