Always On The Run

by John Paul

Genre: Rock


Father time
i know you did it again
you must slow down
so i can cross the bend
too many places
that i have not been
and i gotta see them all

California’s got something im gonna like
but so does Maine where I first came
Nashvilles got something im gonna like
but so does boston and lower Allston

im always on the run!

barkeep please,
you gotta help me out
you see the girl
with the hair let down?
is she from here?
or from out of town?
Well either way im heading over

and shes got something im gonna like
but so does the girl with the streak blond curls
shes got something that i will like
we take a taste its fun, im on to the next one

im always on the run
in and out when she’s one and done
im always on the run!

but theres always the mornings where i just want it to slow down
the thrill is over im tired and i want out

but you never know when your missing out
its all a go when the sun goes down
there’s always time later for the ring and gown

on the run!

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