by J. Lutes

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Leave your cross and this crown of thorns
Where the road to forgiveness begins
Hold me down with your healing hands
As the scars turn to words on my skin
In the name of love and glory
You lose more than you win
I wouldn’t change a single thing

I believed in your crazy dreams
I believed in the faith that you hold
I was down, baby, I was out
On the edge, when you couldn’t save my soul
Passing through on Damascus Avenue
I was waiting for a sign in the sky
But my answers never come so easily

All your saints and angels
Keep you on your knees
Take my hand and stand up in front of me
Leave your prayers unanswered
The sun will rise again
And you will know the truth – it will set you free

Neon light burning through the night
On the bed here still waiting for your call
Crying out in this motel night
But in the end your silence says it all
Of all the pieces we leave behind
You pick your heart and you carry on
It just hurts for a little while

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