And Time Stood Still

by Nonie Thompson

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


She met Jack in ’22
He had light blond hair and eyes so blue
He was shy – a man of few words
but he fell in love with a beautiful girl

Annie loved to sing and when on the stage
He eyes lit up as the music played
and all her charm would shine out just like the sun
She has a smile that could bring out love from everyone

They went down where the ocean meets the sand
He held her in his arms and took her hand
He said ‘Annie, now you know that you’re my life
Please say some day you’ll be my wife’
She said ‘yes’
And time stood still

They married and set sail on that ocean wide
Left England’s soil for a Canadian sky
They held their breath
And time stood still

I met them in ’57
I was a new born baby headin’ straight for heaven
when she held me in her arms
I was hypnotized
for I could see the windows of her soul in the light of her eyes

Childhood days filled with sunny daffodils
All the music and laughter that tiny house could fill
A warm sweet hug to calm a child’s strong will
And with Annie’s love
Time stood still

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