Angel in a Devil’s World

by Brady Coleman

Genre: Country


I trucked into Dallas, haulin’ my load
Weary and lonely from a life on the road
Found me a tavern, bought me some beers
There she was dancin’, with the smoke and the cheers
The men they were laughin’ andthrowin’ their bills
At the half-naked lady,it gave me the chills
The look in her eye told a story so sad
Of a good girl that had to go bad
Bridge: She was an angel in a devils world
And her halo said hello to me
The music stopped playin’, I gave her my chair
She told me her tale of pain and despair
Born in a brothel some where in L.A.
She grew up not knowin’ the night from the day
Her Dad was a junkie, her Mother a whore
The State picked her up when she was just four
A runaway child, a juvennile gone wild
A dancer without domicile
Bridge – repeat
The jukebox was callin’, they started to yell
She said”I’m not dancin’, you can all go to Hell”
A drunk pulled a switchblade over what she’d just said
But a wrench from my pocket caught him upside the head
I could feel at that moment a change in our luck
We ran for the door and jumped into my truck
Southbound for Austin I ground through the gears
Gettin’ high on laughter and tears
Bridge: She was an angel in a devils world
And her halo said hello to me
Tag: Now, in a cabin in the Hill Country
Her dancin’ is onlly for me

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