Angel In The Storm

by Michael Hertz

Genre: Americana/Country


Angel in the Storm

(D) Her face was stern but her heart would cry,
As the (Dmaj7) Dust-off settles in out of the sky
(G) Time is of the essence here,
She’d (Em) have to wait to (A7) shed a tear
(D) The days were rough the nights were long,
But (Dmaj7) she was tough and she was strong
The (G) task was hard but she’d perform
For (Em) she was an (A7) angel in the (D) storm
Yes, (Em) she was an (A7) angel in the (D) storm

(D) She left home as the girl next door,
(Dmaj7) She would grow to be so much more,
An (G) American girl with an American dream.
But (Em) things are not always (A7) what they seem
(D) With hopes that she could stem the tide,
(Dmaj7) An adventurous heart would be her guide
She (G) could have stayed home and been safe and warm
But (Em) she was an (A7) Angel in the (D) Storm
Yes (Em) she was an (A7) Angel in the (D) Storm
D, D7
(G) She traded in her old blue jeans, for (D) jungle boots and green fatigues
(G) She could not know she’d pay the cost, for (Em) experience gained but (A7) innocence lost

Guitar Interlude
D Dmaj7 G Em A7 D
D Dmaj7 G Em A7 D
D D7
Repeat Refrain

(D) Her life would be forever changed,
Her (Dmaj7) heart and soul were re-arranged
She’d (G) hide the memories from you and me,
(Em) Locked away for (A7) eternity
(D) Though months of war had taken their toll,
(Dmaj7) time has a way of healing the soul
She’d (G) do her best to try to conform
For (Em) she was an (A7) Angel in The (D) Storm
Yes, (Em) She was an (A7) Angel in The (D) Storm
Ohhhhh…(Em) she……. was an (A7)…Angel……. In The (D) Storm

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