Angel On My Hands

by Hank Thomas

Genre: Country


I ain’t never been a genius, sometimes I’m just a fool
But that all changed, one sunny day in May, the day you said I do
I may never win a Nobel Prize, and my hair’s a bit confused
But suddenly I’m twice as handsome as I used to be,
I nearly doubled my IQ, the day I married you.

Everybody wants to know my secret
Formula, boy please don’t keep us
In the dark, you gotta tell us what you got, that we ain’t got
I tell ’em I got you and that’s all you need to know
I got a simple plan for love, and it’s been workin’
Got an angel on my hands

Everybody’s askin’ questions, they even stop me on the street
What did you to make that angel fall in love with you
And make your life so sweet

i tell ’em calculus don’t hold the answer,
It’s simple math, a little two-step dancin’
Friday Nights on the front porch swing
And it’s yes ma’am, no ma’am, that’s the thing
I’m holdin’ chairs, and opening doors, I try to do my best and a little more
She let’s me know when I’m outta line, seems to happen all the time

But when love is right, don’t matter what goes wrong
If you wake up every mornin’, with an angel on your hands

Ordinary science just won’t pass, when ya hafta put it to the test
Walkin’ her down to Sunday church, a little back-scratchin’ never hurts
Sackin’ up the trash, or scrubbin’ floors, I try to do my best and a little more
She let’s me know when I’m outta line, yeah, it still happens all the time

Ah, but I don’t mind and that’s all you need to know
I’m just a simple man
With angel on my hands

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