Angels in Battle

by Laura Suarez

Genre: Pop


Another sleepless night,
Darkness fills the air,
There’s a faceless enemy,
Creeping everywhere,

Another restless day,
Hiding from the sun,
Hearts are filled with sorrow,
For the ones we’ve lost.

Pre Chorus:
While I wait and wonder how we’ll make it through,
I am filled with gratitude for angels just like you..

You’re the one who’s rising,
Keeping us in faith,
You’re the one who reaches out risking everything,
You’re the one who’s rising,
Through the longest night,
In a time of darkness,
You are the light.

Another painful week,
We huddle safe and warm,
While you fight the battle,
In a tattered uniform.

Someday when we wake up,
Leaving tears behind,
We’ll remember all you’ve done,
To keep our hope alive.

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